Kids Cancer Foundation of South Florida

As leukemia survivor, Amy has a unique vantage point on the importance of progressive research and support therapies that allow for increased survival rates, and the impact a survivor’s story can have on a young child who is battling childhood cancer. Amy’s passion for horses and dressage inspired her to fight and eventually overcome AML leukemia at the age of 18, and as a KCF Ambassador she brings hope, inspiration, and awareness to the plight of childhood cancer patients. Donate now to support the KCF and their incredible programs that bring families the financial, psychological, and personal support they need to see their children through treatment. Click here to visit the KCF website!

WBS Group

A team of investors who have come together to support Amy in her goals of pursuing excellence in the dressage arena.

CUatX Tack

CUatX Tack was founded by horse owners and caretakers as well as riders. The vendors they have selected offer some of the best products on the market and come from all over the world. At Excel Dressage, we use these products daily and our beloved equine partners perform at their best with them. We're sure your horse will too! Click here to visit the CUatX Tack website!

Custom Saddlery

As a competitor in a sport of nuances, Excel Dressage’s Amy Speck-Kern knows every detail from tack to training to stable management can have a major impact on the horses, her business, and her show career. The Icon Flight has long been the preferred saddle of Excel Dressage, and in 2018 Speck-Kern and her horses have signed on to ride with Custom Saddlery, the Aiken, SC-based crafters of the Icon Flight and other custom saddle lines, to get that contact, fit, and classic style needed for the show ring. Click here to visit the Custom Saddlery website!

Tota Comfort System

The Tota Comfort System is a revolutionary bridle design that relieves pressure on the poll, TMJ joint, and facial nerves of the horse, and is especially effective at allowing for a more correct and efficient connection between the horse’s mouth and the rider’s hand. Amy has noticed a significant difference in the performance and comfort of her horses who wear the TCS noseband and bridle system. Visit their website to learn more about the Tota Comfort System! Click here to visit the TCS website!

Cyrpto Aero Wholefood Horse Feed

With no soy, GMO, chemicals, corn, wheat, or additives, Crypto Aero is the only complete wholefood horse feed. Every ingredient in Crypto Aero is included because of its positive benefit for the equine athlete, and because of its high nutritional value Amy is able to feed her horses about half of what they would require in a typical horse feed. Visit their website to learn more about the reasons to feed Crypto Aero as well as testimonials from numerous equestrian professionals (including Amy!) on their horses and experiences with Crypto Aero. Click here to visit the Crypto Aero website!